All 2014 Handbooks Now Discounted

It's that time of year. While we are busy working on edits to the 2015 handbooks, you can purchase a printed copy of the 2014 books with a 25% discount. Because...

Help! My BAH Doesn’t Cover My Mortgage

The BAH for my grade doesn't begin to cover my mortgage payment. What can I do? Sorry, but there isn't anything you can do. BAH is based on rental data....

TRICARE Coverage for your College Student

While in college your child may be eligible for TRICARE until their 23rd birthday or until they graduate, whichever comes first. For eligibility to extend...

Financial Tips for a Successful Military Transition

As you prepare to make the change from military service to the civilian corporate ladder, there are a lot of considerations. If you’re preparing to swap your combat boots for a pair of Rockports, these financial tips can help: Sharpen your tools. Your civilian career search is going to require a few key things – a […]

DFAS announces new myPay features

The Defense Finance and Account Service last week announced several new financial tools made available through its fall update of its myPay online pay management system. One new tool allows military retirees to access online five years’ worth of 1099R tax statements, which often are needed to perform financial tasks such as filing or amending […]

What Military Spouses Need To Do During Convalescent Leave

Just like any other ordinary employee, military servicemen also enjoy privileges of an emergency leave. There are several emergency leave available to members of the military based on their particular needs; and convalescent leave is one of those. As a military spouse, you play a very important part in taking care of your husband or […]

Public Accommodation for Disabled and Wounded Veterans

Injured and wounded veterans aren’t used to worrying about public accommodations for the disabled… until they themselves become disabled. If you or a loved one is working through disability, though, simply being able to go out with friends to a restaurant, use a park, a public restroom or patronize a neighborhood business can be a […]

Do you have an Individual Transition Plan?

Returning to civilian life is a complex undertaking. Many steps must be taken, and many questions must be answered. Transition assistance staff, personnel office staff, relocation specialists, education counselors, and many others can help, but only you and your family can make the critical decisions that must be made. A good beginning is for each departing Service member […]

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