House Lawmakers Rejects Commissary and Tricare cuts

There will be no changes to the commissary and Tricare for now. Both the Pentagon's 2015 budget request and recommendations from a congressionally...

Some Veterans Groups Support New 401(k) Retirement Plan

A controversial retirement overhaul is one of 15 recommendations from the congressionally mandated Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization...

Pentagon Plans to Recruit Cyber Talent Through the National Guard

Defense Department officials said they are looking for more creative ways to attract high-tech experts into the military and the department, including...

Accessibility Accommodations for Disabled and Wounded Veterans

Injured and wounded veterans aren’t used to worrying about public accommodations for the disabled… until they themselves become disabled. If you or a loved one is working through disability, though, simply being able to go out with friends to a restaurant, use a park, a public restroom or patronize a neighborhood business can be a […]

Vocational and Work Assistance Programs for Veterans

VHA provides vocational assistance and therapeutic work opportunities through three primary Therapeutic & Supported Employment Services (TSES) programs for Veterans enrolled in the VA system of care. These programs are designed to assist Veterans to live and work as independently as possible in their respective communities. Participation in TSES vocational services cannot be used to […]

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment for Veterans

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) is a program that assists Veterans who have service-connected disabilities obtain and maintain suitable employment. Independent living services are also available for severely disabled Veterans who are not currently able to seek employment. Additional information is available at Eligibility: A veteran must have a VA service-connected disability rated at […]

Designating Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Beneficiaries

When you apply for retirement, you will be asked to complete a Data for Payment of Retired Personnel form (DD 2656). On that form, you will need to choose a type of beneficiary. The types you may choose from are described below. Spouse Only, Including Same-Sex Spouses in Some States The most common election for […]

Financial Assessment by the VA

Most veterans not receiving VA disability compensation or pension payments must provide information on their gross annual household income and net worth to determine whether they are below the annually adjusted financial thresholds. VA is currently not enrolling new applicants who decline to provide financial information unless they have a special eligibility factor exempting them […]

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