Camp C.O.P.E.

Camp C.O.P.E’s motto is “Kid’s Serve Too!” and to that end provide children of deployed service members and their families an opportunity to have fun, reconnect, and heal all at the same time. C.O.P.E. stands for courage, optimism, patience, and encouragement; traits they hope to develop and reinforce for improved family resilience and happiness. Hosted by Mo Ranch in Hunt, Texas, the camp is free, but travel expenses to Hunt, Texas are the responsibility of the families.

Camp C.O.P.E. balance fun, independent time, and low key interventions to assist children in their ability to deal with strain and anxiety that comes with having a deployed parent. During family camps, parents are able to attend two workshops to learn how they can better help their child and how to improve their family relationships.

Mo Ranch has a ropes course and trails galore, as well as the playgrounds and sport fields. Located on the Guadalupe River, Mo Ranch is known for the Mo Slide, a 38 foot slide that drops you right into the Guadalupe!  You can also swim, fish, kayak, and a myriad of other water-based activities.

As a parent, what I like about this camp is the pre-assessment of your child during registration. Many camps are “one-size-fits-all,” where each camper seems to get the same program. This is a one page assessment containing 33 questions with three possible scaled answers for each question. Granted, this is a brief snapshot of your child, but it gives the staff the ability to plan how they can assist your child in a way that can be tailored to your child’s needs.

Unfortunately, Mo Ranch is an older camp; this could be problematic for campers with physical disabilities. Very few of the bathrooms are ADA compliant. The location and grandeur of the outdoors, which makes it so enticing, also makes it difficult if not impossible to get around in a wheelchair. Trails could also be difficult for those using crutches and canes.

You can support Camp C.O.P.E. in a variety of ways. Volunteer at the different camps. Check their wish list of requested items and services. Purchase shirts and other items at their camp gear online store. Make a financial donation and encourage your company to become a sponsor.

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