Locked in a VA Clinic…Talk About Long Wait Times

“Never leave anyone behind” is a mantra members of the military know very well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get applied, as was evidenced when a veteran was left locked in a waiting room in a VA hospital on Monday.

Jeff Duck, a Marine Corps veteran, went to the VA Outpatient Clinic in Volusia County, Florida, to see a doctor about getting a medication refilled. He was sent to a waiting room where he waited…and waited…and waited…

After an exceedingly long wait and with no one else in the waiting room with him, Duck decided to leave. But to his surprise, he discovered he was the only person left in the building and the doors were locked.

The security alarm went off when he tried to leave. Duck called 911 to alert police to his predicament and sat back down to await their arrival. Thankfully, they offer faster service than the VA clinic and he was able to leave a few minutes later.

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