Your Passport to Summer Fun: Your Military ID

Summer is here and that means many families are gearing up for a vacation or weekend trip.  Below are a few tips to make your vacation budget stretch even farther by using your military ID. Military lodges, temporary housing or recreation centers: Rather than spend your budget on $100/night hotel room, check nearby military installations to […]

Reader Question: Savings Bonds in myPay

Q. How do I purchase Savings Bonds in myPay and how do I request Bonds held in safekeeping? A. Many service members have heard about purchasing savings bonds through the myPay system. Unfortunately, the DoD stopped selling bonds through payroll deductions in 2010. But there is still a way to get a savings bond using […]

Establishing a Retired Pay Account

Much of the preparation for the retired pay account should be done before separation. Retired Pay Operation will answer any questions you may have concerning the establishment of your retired pay account. Your retired account will not be established until your active duty account reflects the fact that you have been released from active duty. […]

General Discharge Benefits for Veterans

You’ve served your country well, and you’ve served proudly. Now what? After your time in, you’ve earned a general discharge and are ready to take on civilian life. In all the excitement, don’t forget about the benefits that you’ve earned as a member of the U.S. military. The overview below will give you an idea […]

6 Career-Boosting Professional Certifications

If you have had military training and experience in one of these fields, obtaining a professional certification can help move your civilian career forward, open a wider array of options, or improve your chances of nabbing a job. In a few fields – teaching, medicine and law, for example – the lions’ share of certification […]

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