Tricare for Life pharmacy pilot begins March 15

If you are a beneficiary of Tricare for Life, you should have received a letter notifying you of a new pharmacy pilot program.

The new program requires users to get certain medications through home delivery or at a military pharmacy. Officials said the congressionally mandated pilot program, which begins March 15, applies to refills of maintenance medications that are taken regularly for chronic conditions.

Under the pilot program, Tricare will stop paying for these medications when filled from a retail pharmacy. The program does not apply to medications that are taken for a limited time to treat acute conditions such as antibiotics and pain medications, or to generic drugs.

After being notified if they are taking a medication covered under the program, beneficiaries will be able to get two “courtesy refills” at a retail pharmacy before they either switch to home delivery or assume the entire cost of that medication. Beneficiaries using home delivery get a 90-day supply of brand-name medications for $13, and of generic drugs with no co-pay.

The pilot program is required under the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. While the pilot will go on for five years, beneficiaries can opt out after filling an affected prescription through home delivery for one year.

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Posted on Thursday 21st August, 2014, 4:33pm

I am retired from the U.S.Army living in Canada since my retirement in 1964′ Am I entitled to any benefits under tri care for life? I have Medicare two.

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