Hearings set on military pay and retirement

A nine-member commission, established by Congress under the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013, is traveling the country to hear testimony from military commanders and other scheduled speakers at public hearings. The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission is tasked with recommending changes to military pay and retirement programs.

Its goal is to help ensure the “long-term health of the all-volunteer force” and provide for a “high quality of life” for “uniformed forces” of the five military branches, the U.S. Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The panel does not plan to recommend changes to retirement pay for current service members or military retirees. But it has grappled with a current retirement system that only provides for veterans who stay in military service for a full 20 years, in an incentive to keep them from taking jobs in the private sector. The panel’s objective is to ensure that compensation and retirement programs are “financially sustainable” into the future.

Commissioners have discussed the idea of a savings plan that future enlistees would be required to pay into, with current service members allowed to participate voluntarily. Other ideas discussed in hearings in military communities have included possible cuts in services such as commissaries or child care assistance, or an increase in health care fees.

If you are interested in attending a public hearing, you can find a list of upcoming events on the commission’s website, www.mcrmc.gov. If no events are in your area, you can still have your voice heard by leaving comments on the site.

One Comment for Hearings set on military pay and retirement

Posted on Friday 14th February, 2014, 9:34am

If FORD or TARGET or DOLE were to make a retirement plan and people were to fulfill their obligation to the company and retire, then they were to change their commitment to those retirees, that would be criminal and they would pay fines. Someone might even go to jail. BUT for the US government to make a deal on retirement with me and me to serve 25 years and retire honorably, then for them to change the rules, it is seen as a political matter. WHAT? Do not change the rules after I have done my part of the deal. How is that not a clear legal issue? Don’t touch my retirement. Do you want to help veterans without spending a dime, cut down on homelessness and desperation? Then repeal the ridiculous USFSPA that allows ex-spouses of veterans to get paid based on their retired rank not on their divored rank AND get paid permanent alimony after they re-marry. That is a travisty! Thank-you.

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