Reader Question: Can education benefits be transferred to grandkids?

Q: I’m a veteran. If my grandson wants to go to college, can I transfer education benefits if I don’t use them?

A: Unfortunately, no. Education benefits fall under the Transfer of Entitlement provision.

Transfer of Entitlement (TOE): DoD may offer members of the Armed Forces on or after Aug.1, 2009, the opportunity to transfer benefits to a spouse or dependent children. DoD and the military services must approve all requests for this benefit. Members of the Armed Forces approved for the TOE may only transfer any unused portion of their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits while a member of the Armed Forces, subject to their period of eligibility.

To learn more about education benefits for veterans, you may like our 2014 Benefits for Veterans and Dependents Handbook. Download it for free today. To learn about other federal education benefits that might help your grandson pay for college, check out our 2014 Military Childrens’ Scholarship Handbook. It has many useful tips about paying for education.

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