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VA’s Ability to Comply with Executive Order Hindered by Its Destructive Whistleblower Policies

On August 31, President Obama issued an executive order calling for improved access to mental health care services for veterans and their families, including additional mental health staff to ensure that all veterans in crisis receive care within 24 hours. However, the American Federation of Government Employees has also issued a statement, calling on the Department of Veterans Affairs to tighten their management and end retaliation against whistleblowers in order to ensure that the department can follow through on this important...

ABA Therapy for Autism Ruling Against TRICARE

On July 26h, 2012, a United States Federal Judge ordered TRICARE to begin paying for Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) for dependents with autism. Active duty service members are able to receive services through TRICARE’s Extended Health Care Option (ECHO) program, which defined ABA therapy as a medical intervention. Retirees are unable to receive ECHO benefits. Under TRICARE Basic, ABA therapy was defined as an educational intervention, not a medical intervention, making it ineligible for TRICARE coverage. ABA therapy, developed...

2012 After the Military Handbook

This unique handbook, written for military veterans, covers: transitioning to the private sector, supporting your family, finding a job that pays "top dollar", choosing between jobs with large or small companies, deciding to start your own company, maximizing the benefits of a military career, medical benefits and life insurance in the private sector, how to pay for college after you leave military service and how to retire successfully. Click Here to download this handbook.

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