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myPay 101

What is myPay? myPay is an innovative, automated system that puts you in control of processing certain discretionary pay data items without using paper forms. You can also get your pay and tax statements, and travel advice of payment using myPay. Why should I use myPay?  myPay saves time. myPay eliminates the need to write letters or fill out forms by letting you make your own changes immediately with user-friendly technology. myPay is convenient. You can access myPay nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to change...

Sharpen Your Skills before Transitioning

Has it been a few years since you’ve tackled an algebra or geometry problem? How about chemistry? When was the last time you wrote an essay? For veterans and transitioning service members who are considering college, the thought of facing any of these subjects might be enough to dissuade them from pursuing their education. That’s why the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Education have a number of college preparation resources in place. Because for most vets and service members,...

Soldiers’ Humor Website Dominates Boston Bomber Arrest Coverage – Puts Mainstream News Outlets to Shame

Move over, CNN, New York Times, NBC, CBS and ABC. An unlikely news source put your coverage of the Boston Bomber manhunt to shame. As Boston-area law enforcement agencies were closing in on Dzokhar Tsenaev, the surviving bomber who ran over his older brother, Tamerlan, in his attempt to elude police, U.S. Army W.T.F. Moments a humor website run by and for soldiers, was routinely scooping the major media organizations – and getting it right. On normal days, the anonymous editors of US Army W.T.F. Moments How did they...

Tips for Joining the Military

Joining the military is an incredibly personal decision. If you’re considering joining the military, you’ve probably already had several conversations. You’ve likely consulted with family, friends, recruiters, teachers, clergy, or any number of people in your life. The various opinions and priorities that could be swirling around your brain at any one time can make it tough to make a decision. So, we’re going to lay out a few simple tips for you to help clear the cobwebs and hopefully bring some clarity to your decision-making...

FREE 2013 handbooks for military personnel

Here's our official press release for the 2013 books! If you have ever downloaded or purchased a book from us, please leave a comment to let us know if you found them useful and share our site with your friends and colleagues.   ARLINGTON, VA - Military Handbooks has released their FREE 2013 handbooks for military personnel. These handbooks, written specifically for military service members, include a variety of information about pay, benefits, education and transitioning from the military.   2013 Military...

COLA benefits in 2012

Life in the military means you may find yourself living in some pricey areas of the country. But unlike civilian employers, who usually adjust compensation levels to reflect the local cost-of-living, the military pay table is set and does not change based on location. Thankfully, military service members may be eligible for a Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) which is designed to help offset the effects of higher cost areas in the continental United States (CONUS). In 2012, service members are receiving a higher COLA in most...

2012 Getting Uncle Sam to Pay for Your College Degree

This unique handbook, written for active military personnel, covers everything you need to know about: the G.I. Bill, tuition assistance, scholarships, veteran benefits, student aid, selecting the right degree for you - why some degrees might be better for you than others, finding the right military-friendly school and tips on staying ahead of the curve. Click Here to download this handbook.

2012 U.S. Military Retired Handbook

The United States Military Retired Handbook is designed to help all U.S. Military personnel who have retired - or who are planning to retire. This unique guide covers everything from the nuts and bolts of computing your Retirement Pay to the detailed explanations of retired military Healthcare, TRICARE, Social Security, VA, SBP, taxes, insurance, travel, survivor benefits and much more! Click Here to download this handbook.

2012 After the Military Handbook

This unique handbook, written for military veterans, covers: transitioning to the private sector, supporting your family, finding a job that pays "top dollar", choosing between jobs with large or small companies, deciding to start your own company, maximizing the benefits of a military career, medical benefits and life insurance in the private sector, how to pay for college after you leave military service and how to retire successfully. Click Here to download this handbook.

2012 Military Children’s Scholarship Handbook

A college degree has become the essential tool to unlock doors for future success. This handbook contains all the latest information about getting a college degree, including: types of higher education, resources for finding the right college, entrance exams, financial aid resources, paying for college, applying for federal student aid, Pell Grants, Direct and Federal Family Education Loans, PLUS loans, Consolidation loans, Federal Work-Study Program, ROTC, U.S. Armed Forces and more. Click Here to download this handbook.

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