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How to Avoid Scholarship Scams when Paying for Your Kid’s Education

Every year, millions of high school graduates seek creative ways to finance the costs of a college education. With four year college education costs rising faster than the rate of inflation, many parents are understandably concerned about how to pay those costs without saddling themselves or their children with heavy debt. Scam artists prey on those concerns. Every year, several hundred thousand students and parents are defrauded by scholarship scams. The victims of these scams lose more than $100 million annually. Scam...

Reader Question: Can education benefits be transferred to grandkids?

Q: I'm a veteran. If my grandson wants to go to college, can I transfer education benefits if I don’t use them? A: Unfortunately, no. Education benefits fall under the Transfer of Entitlement provision. Transfer of Entitlement (TOE): DoD may offer members of the Armed Forces on or after Aug.1, 2009, the opportunity to transfer benefits to a spouse or dependent children. DoD and the military services must approve all requests for this benefit. Members of the Armed Forces approved for the TOE may only transfer any unused...

Military Kids: Education After High School

By this time every year, some high school students have selected a college and maybe even know if they will receive a scholarship. But for others, making a decision about attending college — and specifically, which college — is not so easy. Here are a few things to consider when your high schooler is contemplating his or her next step in life.   Questions to ask when considering a college: 1. Does the school offer the program and courses that I’m interested in? 2. Do I meet the admissions requirements? 3....

Why Education is a Smart Investment

Headlines scream arguments against higher education almost daily, with messages about generations of students swallowed up by student loan debt and soaring unemployment rates. You might have friends or family who say a college degree is a worthless piece of paper. If you’re wondering whether the time and money spent on your education is well spent, consider these points. Worthless?  Ask the employers. If an associates, bachelor’s or master’s degree is truly worthless, then why do most employers pay higher salaries...

2012 Getting Uncle Sam to Pay for Your College Degree

This unique handbook, written for active military personnel, covers everything you need to know about: the G.I. Bill, tuition assistance, scholarships, veteran benefits, student aid, selecting the right degree for you - why some degrees might be better for you than others, finding the right military-friendly school and tips on staying ahead of the curve. Click Here to download this handbook.

2012 Military Children’s Scholarship Handbook

A college degree has become the essential tool to unlock doors for future success. This handbook contains all the latest information about getting a college degree, including: types of higher education, resources for finding the right college, entrance exams, financial aid resources, paying for college, applying for federal student aid, Pell Grants, Direct and Federal Family Education Loans, PLUS loans, Consolidation loans, Federal Work-Study Program, ROTC, U.S. Armed Forces and more. Click Here to download this handbook.

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